Received The 4th (of 5) progress payment

Internals are completed, not much to show on photo, alas. But great progress from Casaview. Only the final progress payment remains. However, for that one we could wait longer.


Sheeting In Progress

It is in progress and we cannot see through the house (primarily through the garage) any longer, very good progress. Looks like our neighbours did not agree with the site supervisor about inspection time yet, because their house is still transparent.

Pre-sheeting Inspection Results

So pre-sheeting inspection passed successfully.

The inspector found/highlighted:

  • minor small defects (or better say unfinished works) in brickwork and 1 non-harmful inaccuracy in the frame (which, however, should better be rectified)
  • most of this defects actually has been highlighted and explained by the site supervisor himself (he said that this is what they were to fix when gyprocking, in case of the frame, or on pre-completion stage, in case of the brick)
  • the existing neighbours fence is patched with mortar (which Casaview is going to clean on pre-completion as well)
  • that some work is still in progress (of course)
  • that he recommends to connect downpipes as soon as possible (which I believe Casaview will do once it becomes possible)

Also initially the inspector had concerns about lack of weep-holes beneath some windows, however, he was demonstrated by the site supervisor that Casaview put selicon over mortar joins on both sides of each sill, while absolute majority of builders just do not do it. The site surpervisor and the inspector had interesting discussion about where there should be a boundary drawn between “personal preference” and Australian standards.

In general the inspector was impressed by:

  • quality of brickwork (regardless those small unfinished works)
  • the quality of frame assembly
  • cleanness on the site and in the house
  • that extra silicon in sill corners
  • additional water insulation Casaview putting below the door on the balcony (which he claimed he saw the first time from a project builder)
  • definitely the best workmanship he as the a building inspector saw within at least one last month

What a relief!

At the moment we have one worry, however, expected worry. The brick got rusty stains. Not in many places and not much area is affected, but they are. Alas, this happens with PGH Crevole and PGH Frost bricks (and may be with other light bricks) during cleaning procedure. It may happen and may not, it really depends on brick batch and on what clay it was, to some extent on cleaning solution acidity, etc. Sometimes some batches are much better than others, it is a natural product after all. However, good news that this can be rectified and will be rectified by Casaview according to PGH recommendations (PGH has prescriptions “how-to”). Of course this issues have been highlighted by both the inspector and the site supervisor. We had seen this rusty stains on some completed building (sometimes in abundance), but we was assured by Casaview that they know how to deal with this brick and how to clean it so that we decided to proceed with PGH Crevole (which was quite a costly upgrade).

Also the inspector said that there are very dodgy small builders on the market and it is very important not to deal with those builders. On the other hand, in average the bigger builder is the worse the quality. So looks like our strategy to pick small to mid-size builder was quite right. However, one may find it more convenient and less nervous just to go with bigger well-known builder, then there are less uncertainty in how good result will be.

In fact as our construction went, we were able to compare visually that brickies were doing much better job then majority of other contractors on nearby lots. Was delighted to get confirmation of it from a professional inspector.
Such a relief!

The feedback from the site supervisor about the inspector was that the inspector’s comments were relevant and without extra “knocks” some inspectors demonstrates when there is no significant issues but they have to invent something to justify their higher fee than average. Yet we did not spend much time picking reasonable inspector — just clicked through some advertisement links on